[Dica do leitor] Seats.Aero – site para encontrar disponibilidades de bilhetes com milhas e pontos na Qatar e outras cias. da One World

Dica valiosa do Emmanuel Kalispera:

“Uma coisa que é legal dar uma conferida para emitir Qatar e outras da OW é esse site aqui:


Ele mostra as disponibilidades que foram encontradas nas rotas selecionadas.

Se quiser pagar, dá para filtrar mais e ficar mais específico”.

Eis a descrição do serviço – que é similar ao do Expert Flyer – no site (em inglês):

“Seats.aero is a supercharged way to search for flights to book with miles. When airlines can’t sell seats on their flights, they release them to frequent-flyer programs at large discounts. Searching for this space is typically tedious, needing to look for one day at a time on antiquated airline websites.

Seats.aero has already done all of the searching for you, allowing you to look at all of the availability offered by many airlines at once. We track all of the long-haul routes offered by the airlines we support, along with their partners. We’re great for getting between continents or across regions, but might not be right for domestic or short flights.

Seats.aero will always be free for last-minute availability, but you can also sign up for a PRO account for $9.99/month. This will let you search up to 361 days of availability on all routes, set alerts on that extended availability, with more features to come in the future. These accounts help pay for the site’s expenses.”


E você, já usou o Seats.aero? Em comparação com o Expert Flyer, é melhor ou pior?

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