ferramenta ?til e gratuita para os aficcionados por estat?sticas de voos

O site oferece um conjunto de ferramentas que lhe permite mapear seus voos ao redor do mundo, buscar e filtr?-los atrav?s de diferentes m?todos, calcular estat?sticas automaticamente, e compartilhar os resultados com seus amigos.

Eis alguns dos diferenciais desse site, retirado diretamente de sua FAQ:

  • OpenFlights has a dynamic map. You can pan, zoom, select, scroll and explore all you like!
  • OpenFlights is user-friendly and efficient. Everything’s on the same page!
  • OpenFlights makes searching really easy. Point and click!
  • OpenFlights has a powerful filter. Three clicks, and your map will show only Singapore Airlines flights in business class in 2007.
  • OpenFlights works in realtime. Make any change, and you’ll see it right then and there.
  • OpenFlights supports “trips” (read more). You can join up any flights together into a trip, which you can then display on its own page and even share with friends.
  • OpenFlights is free in spirit. We don’t try to lock you in: it’s easy to import your data and export copies for safekeeping.
  • OpenFlights is free software. All our source code is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License and can be downloaded from GitHub, so you can set up your own copy or just use the bits you like. Airport, airline and route data is freely available as well.
  • OpenFlights can be used anywhere. No need to install any programs, synchronize data or take care of backups, just point your browser to the site.


Para quem gosta de registrar todos seus dados de voos, ? uma ?tima ferramenta, bastante completa e, o melhor de tudo, gratuita.